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Kingdee KIS Accounting v2.1 New Version Release

Kingdee KIS Accounting v1.1 can be upgraded for free if you have joined a support plan. For details, Please contact Kingdee Partners. Click here to see contact information.

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Kingdee KIS Accounting v1.1 has multi-language capability, supporting 3 languages: English, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese, which is ideal for businesses having operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China or other countries that uses these languages. It is very easy to change the language settings, just choose the preferred language during login time.

Kingdee KIS Accounting v1.1 supports international business environment, making it easier for SMEs to manage and expand their businesses globally.

Kingdee KIS Accounting v1.1 offers multi-currency capability which will support global business transactions.

Kingdee KIS Accounting v1.1 has a simple interface, clear and easy to use. It will help simplify everyday tasks of data-entry and accounting.

Kingdee KIS Accounting v1.1 can provide various types of reports to aid enterprises in doing analysis and business forecast.