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Disaster Prevention and Recovery Solutions

Many businesses rely heavily on their IT networks, but many do not take adequate steps to safeguard them. System crashes, data corruption and a myriad of other issues can have disastrous consequences – and could even cause a business to fail completely. WY Technology believes in a proactive approach to these challenges. Our solution involves incorporating a group of services that includes monitoring, backup, integrity testing, restore testing and lights out recovery testing. This will allow us to anticipate problems and minimize any possible damage caused, therefore avoiding these challenges from occurring a higher percentage of the time. Our customers will benefit with savings in time, money, and peace of mind.

Organizations can additionally be ill equipped for disaster recovery following a major catastrophe. Without the enterprise resources at their disposal, many businesses face tough decisions to close, sell off, or reopen their business. WY Technology understands the realities surrounding this issue, and enables our customers to have the best possible solutions implemented to get the business back up and running.

Each form of disaster, whether man-made or natural, has varying degrees of impact on a business operation. According to a recent NFIB National Small Business Poll, man-made disasters affect 10% of businesses, whereas natural disasters have impacted more than 30% of all businesses in the USA. WY Technology assists our customers to achieve lowest possible downtime, and maximum data retention in event of an unforeseen disaster. This is achieved by focusing on technology best practices, as well as identifying the following:

Internal Controls
Damage Assessment
Market Reach
Customer Spending
Business Age
Financial Position
Tax Relief
Franchise Assistance
Network Communication

Feel free to contact WY Technology, for a full Dassessment of your organization’s data protection needs.