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WY Technology Cloud Service offerings bring a brighter solution for your organization. WY brings with it over 15 years of cloud expertise to our customers, and provides superior systems from public to private cloud offerings, as well as custom built software that allow your sites to run with maximum efficiency.

WY Cloud Solutions are secure, reliable, and fully supported. Our goal is to continually search for, and implement, the shortest and most efficient route between our customers solutions and their customers and users. Our built-in network redundancy – maintaining a premium level of connectivity and ensuring that our clients’ systems will remain up even if one of our providers is down – involves top tier monitoring by knowledgeable and professional engineers. Our proactive management approach also allows us to quickly identify, respond to, and repair any network or facility issues, many times faster and often before a client is even aware that a network event has occurred.

We have redundant connections with global top tier providers giving you the best possible speed and connectivity 24/7 to any location in the world. Our datacenters are located in four continents, and we are expanding into a fifth. Our client base now expands globally from a SOHO to fortune 500 companies. With this accessibility we can maintain superior customer service and allow great prices for everyone involved. We here at WY are continuously growing and expanding our services, software and skill set to better service you, the client, both efficiently and effectively.

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