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WY Technology IP Transit/PDIA network solutions provides high performance Internet access via best of class upstream providers that can scale with your growing business needs. WY IP Transit monitoring is 24×7 by WY operations centers in multiple geographic locations to provide verified metrics of the network from around the world. If your organization is looking to add or optimize its’ global WAN infrastructure via public internet or private network connections (MPLS, IEPL, IPVPN, P2P L2 and others), WY can provide the solution you need.

✅ Scalable and Customizable Solutions
✅ Proactive Monitoring
✅ Multi-Vendor/Multi-Tiered Solutions
✅ Metro Ethernet Services
✅ Layer 2/3 Point to Point/Point to Multipoint
✅ Geographic Diversity servicing the following areas:


✅ Los Angeles, CA
✅ Organge County, CA
✅ San Diego, CA
✅ Hillsboro, OR
✅ Houston, TX
✅ Dallas, TX
✅ Chicago, IL
✅ Cincinnati, OH
✅ Mexico City, MX
✅ Frankfurt, GE
✅ Sydney, AUS
✅ Hong Kong, SAR
✅ Shenzhen, CN
✅ Chongqing, CN
✅ Shanghai, CN
✅ Beijing, CN
✅ Tianjin, CN

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