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WY Care Network Maintenance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, when it comes to our customers’ data.”

We know what happens when your computer or network goes down. Communication is hindered, growing your business stops and billable time is lost. Whether you have limped along with computer problems that you have learned to tolerate, or have had major network meltdowns, these problems cost your organization time, money and unnecessary stress.

Regular systems and network support in the past has not been the norm among SME’s, because they typically didn’t know it was necessary. As a result, it may be believed that all that is needed is for someone to help them “fix” what isn’t working right. Unmanaged expectations can in turn lead to doubt, confusion, and frustration when requiring the highest level of performance and uptime from your network.

WY Technology provides you with three simple and effective maintenance options. We know that our systematic but comprehensive approach to “managing” our customers’ technology solutions allows us to more closely align our goals with yours. We will enable you to achieve the highest quality of performance, availability and security possible; in the most cost effective manner for your business. Using an outsourced professional services IT consulting firm, with time tested solutions will achieve this result. Our maintenance solutions provide either weekly or monthly management on your systems, network devices, and critical business applications. Your company’s needs will be accomplished based upon our thorough assessment process. Your organization will also receive a choice of when we perform these tasks, so as to avoid being taken away from core business functions.