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Kingdee KIS®


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"The first internationalized finance and business integrated management software intended for small enterprises in China."

With the fast growth of economic globalization, many SMB's are facing global challenges. They urgently need a system which is simple and easy to use, professional and effective, in order to satisfy their business needs and multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple accounting standards and tax rules in overseas trading.

The Kingdee KIS international product series include international finance and business management, which are specifically designed for SMB's in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Applicable Enterprises

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Kingdee KIS Accounting

helps accountants to improve from simple accounting to comprehensive financial and operation management. It operates on business driven finance management concepts, and handles high liquidity assets, process tax in transactions, and provides comprehensive accounting process management and reports.

Enhance the Capability for Business Management

Accounting and Taxation

Convenient foreign currency accounting and tax processing of different countries, totally supports global business, professional and effective.



Inventory and Cost Calculations

Flexible and convenient inventory management meets the diversified business needs of small enterprises, easy to learn and use:

Sales and Purchase

Sales and purchase workflow are interrelated, one-stop process of inventory and accounting, fast and easy handling of business.

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