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Leveraging Technology to Drive Business to Success

Business Resources
Developing and maintaining a successful business not only requires ample resources, but is determined with how you use those resources. WY Technology focuses on managing those resources effectively, as to provide our customers with the highest level of managed IT services in the industry.

IT Cost Reduction Calculator
Do you know if you’re paying too much for your IT support? Are you able to successfully forecast your annual maintenance costs? Fill out our brief questionnaire, and you will immediately receive feedback on how you compare against the industry average. You will see your cost reduction for the year, and by receiving WY Technology’s Fixed Rate Maintenance Services, will be able to successfully forecast your annual IT maintenance costs.


IT Support Questionnaire
How comfortable are you with the level of service provided by your current IT support provider? Whether you are a small business who has outgrown the abilities of your “IT Guy”, have been left “holding the bag” after your IT provider has moved on, or are seeing reduced quality of your support…WY Technology can help. Take a moment to fill out our questionnaire, which will provide you with valuable information pertaining to the level of support you are currently receiving. This enables businesses to have increased insight, into adjustments that need to be made to continue progressing successfully.