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    1. Is your computer support provider Microsoft Certified?

    2. Do they have a dedicated employee in the office taking customer calls and coordinating service for them?

    3. Do they have more than one IT Professional?

    4.Do they implement a formal policies and procedures guideline to ensure customer support does not fall through the cracks?

    5. Do they offer a prescheduled or monthly fixed rate maintenance program?

    6. Do they have a maintenance checklist that you are sent for review?

    7. Do they have a Helpdesk system that you can submit requests to and track progress?

    8. Do they provide you with simple and useful documentation you can use to measure their service after each visit?

    9. Does it often appear like they are learning on your time?

    10. Do they talk about your network in a way that you understand?

    11. Are they friendly and courteous to your employees?

    12. Do they arrive on time?

    13. Do they have customer service policies in place to ensure your satisfaction?

    14. Do they provide proactive consultation to help you achieve your business goals or are they mostly “break-fix?”

    15. Do they have management oversight? Do you know who they are accountable to?

    16. What happens when your support person gets sick or goes on vacation?

    17. Are all of their support professional’s actual employees of the company?

    18. How is your critical network and support info stored?

    19. Do they provide you with a comprehensive plan including a budget based on your business goals?

    20. Do they respond to your emergency computer issues within 3-4 hours or less?

    21. Are they on time for non-emergency support?

    22. When they visit your office do they check in and out with you to review tasks assigned and completed?

    23. How would you rank their follow-up skills: