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Structured Cabling

Leveraging Technology to Drive Business to Success

Structured Cabling

Voice/Data Infrastructure Solutions Our customers' voice and data cabling infrastructure is the foundation of an effective network that will help their business succeed and grow. Data cabling is the system that serves as a connector between other entities, and helps to shape the overall computer network. Whether it be a copper or fiber optic network, let WY Technology manage this crucial investment, building that foundation correctly from the start.

WY Technology can either provide your organization with a design/build solution, or work with your current architect to ensure all necessary requirements are met. We can provide you with any type of service, whether it be a "ground up" installation, addition to your existing network, or replacing or upgrading your outdated infrastructure.

After the cabling is installed, WY Technology will provide full testing services, ensuring the foundation of your network is of the highest standards. Upon request, we can "certify" that your cabling infrastructure meets and/or exceeds the necessary codes for the industry. Just some of the items verified are the following:

• Length
• Wire Map
• Return Loss
• DC Loop Resistance
• Attenuation
• Delay
• Delay Skew

Inside Structured Cabling Systems
UTP Category 3, 5e, 6 Cabling Solutions
Optical Fiber
• Multimode
• Single mode
• Fusion & Mechanical Splicing
• Indoor/Outdoor Installation and Applications
• CCTV Broadband Coax and IP Integrated Design Implementation

Outside Structured Cabling Systems
UTP Category 3, 5e, 6 Cabling Solutions
Optical Fiber
• Aerial
• Underground
• Direct Burial
• Communications Infrastructure Design Services
• Maintenance Contracts and 24 Hour Emergency Service Repairs

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