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Network Security and Firewall Services

With broadband usage quickly becoming a standard in the business world and network security hazards on the rise, small businesses without a dedicated IT team are faced with the great challenge of protecting their networks from threats. However, in order to meet this challenge, small businesses must first face a greater challenge: understanding and acknowledging the threats.

Like any other key issue facing small business in the IT arena, this is where WY Technology manages this process for your organization. Our understanding of "what makes small businesses vulnerable", allows us to protect the customer from the effects of lack of knowledge, preparation and response to the vulnerabilities that can cripple your business. We encourage anyone concerned with their business, to ask themselves the following related to network security:
How much would a new server cost?
How much irreplaceable data would be lost?
How much would this data loss cost your company?
Can you afford the financial costs, downtime, and hassle?

WY Technology knows the enemies to your business. We address our customers issues proactively, surrounding security holes and vulnerabilities, direct attack, viruses, worms, trojan horses, denial of service, spam, spyware, inappropriate or illegal content, and many others.

Let our "ten step" approach provide your organization with the protection necessary to continue building a successful business. We will provide the following:

1. Awareness
2. Security Policy
3. Firewall
4. Antivirus
5. Patches and updates
6. Backup
7. ISP failover
8. Antispam/Antispyware
9. Internet, Instant Messaging, and File Sharing Filtering
10.Remote access VPN, and Site to Site VPN

Contact us today, for a comprehensive network security assessment.

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