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Remote Backup

Remote Backup Services

WY Technology Remote Back-Up Services enable your organization to securely store and manage critical data off site. This will assist you with savings in time and money, once again leveraging technology to drive successful business.

Provides Our Customers:

Secure, automatic data and server image backup and retrieval, for Critical Network Devices.

5 to 100GB storage capacity for backup and retrieval
Protects critical company information against hardware crashes, fire, and theft via our offsite server storage solution
Enables you to retrieve your data either via FTP or DVD for disaster recovery purposes
Automatic scheduled incremental back-ups, improving efficiency for your company
Centralizes your critical data storage securely offsite at WY Technology
Gives your business the same cost-effective data protection capabilities used in larger organizations

Remote Backup is a cost effective, automatic way to protect critical network data for: Corporate offices or single office environments
Branch offices or satellite locations
Critical Home computers

How do I sign up?

Call WY Technology today at 858-748-1600, or email your request to sales@wytechnology.com

After your purchase, your engineering consultant will configure this service for your organization. Your chosen files or entire server image will be backed up onto redundant servers at WY Technology using your Internet connection.

When the service senses that you are connected, it will start to back up your data. Work can still be done on the system being backed up. Since only changed data is backed up, you save time and network bandwidth.

You can request retrieval of necessary files by contacting WY Technology. We can then assist you with restoring these files, or providing a DVD with all your files. The files can be restored to any computer. WY Technology will monitor your account to make sure you’re backing up regularly and contact you if there are any problems.

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